The Hpnotiq Girl’s Holiday Shopping Guide: Gifts That Will Make Him Love You More

Now that your ladies are taken care of with our gift set guide… Want to score extra points with that special man in your life this holiday season? Well, we’ve put together a list of awesome gifts that will be sure to please him. No matter if you’ve only been together a few weeks or if you’ve been married for years, here are a some presents that he’ll be excited to see under that Christmas tree!

Let me guess, he hasn’t stopped talking about Tron since the first teaser trailer leaked? With the December 17th release date creeping closer, it seems like every man in our lives is drooling. And even though we may not always understand their collection of perfectly packaged Star Wars figures, we still love our science fiction obsessed boys. So in addition to those midnight movie tickets, surprise your man with Cyglo Tyres! These LED illuminated bicycle tires are sure to make him feel like a kid again.

There’s no better way than to earn the title of Coolest Girlfriend Ever, than getting your man a ride in a race car with a pro racer! And at a little over $100, the best part is that it won’t cost you a fortune… and he’ll be bragging to his friends about how great you are for an eternity. Another great idea to fulfill his need for speed is a go kart racing package that him and his friends can enjoy together!

Every girl loves her fruit-infused martinis, but sometimes after a long day a man just needs a glass of the hard stuff on the rocks. And since there’s nothing worse than a watered down drink, keep your man happy with Whiskey on the Rocks. These cute yet still manly soapstone cubes will keep that drink nice and cold without diluting the flavor. Throw them in the microwave and they’ll keep his coffee warm for the morning drive to work too!

While we pamper ourselves with facials, mani-pedis and aromatherapy, a lot of times our men don’t take enough time enjoying the art of grooming. Often times, a quick shave on the way out the door is their idea truly indulging when it comes to aesthetics. And although The Art of Shaving’s great professional starter kit is a great way to get your man to enjoy his facial upkeep, there’s nothing better than a straight edge shave to make him feel special.

If you’ve ever seen your guy put on some snow shoes to heat up the grill, you know that every man loves his BBQ. So for your favorite meat eater, grant him his monthly wish with a Steak of the Month Club! Our mom’s always told us that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and this is the perfect gift to make his mouth water.

Another gift that will make you both feel great is a pair of TOM’s shoes. For every pair of shoes you buy, TOM’s will donate a pair to a child in need, and not just for the holiday season but all year round. Our personal favorites are these super comfy boots that are not only stylish, but promise to make someone else’s holiday bright as well.

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