True Love: Barbie and Ken Back Together Again!

Seven years ago today, Barbie and Ken shocked the world by announcing their official split from one another. The iconic couple had been together since the early 1960s and everyone thought their love would last forever.

But all of that came to an end on Valentine’s Day in 2004, when Barbie and Ken went their separate ways… and Barbie got together with the newest Mattel addition. Blaine, a boogie-boarding Australian native with dreamy blonde hair and a beach bod, had won her over– leaving dear Ken heartbroken.

After all those years of separation, Ken and Barbie reunited once again on the set of last year’s Toy Story 3 and the rumor mill began to buzz about a possible reconciliation. And in these last few weeks Ken stepped up his game to win back his dream girl.

First, he winked at Barbie on Then he secretly jetted off to the original Magnolia Bakery in New York and was spotted designing a custom cupcake just for Barbie. He even declared his love for her on billboards, in magazines like Us Weekly and the Jumbotron in Times Square!

Phrases like “Barbie, I want you back,” “Barbie, you’re the only doll for me,” “Barbie, we were made for each other,” and “Barbie, we may be plastic but our love is real,” could be found everywhere in Ken’s pleading tone.

And now on this romantic day in history, it seems the two have put their past behind them to live happily ever after. But then again, could you really say no to a guy smooth enough (and rich enough to buy all that ad space) to announce his love for all the world to see? Do you think their love is made to last?

Here at HPNOTIQ, we’re raising a glass of Bubbles ‘N Blue to the happy couple!

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