Week In Gossip: Rihanna & Chris Brown on the Road to Reconciliation?

Rihanna and Chris Brown might be a step closer to reconciling. [Celebuzz]

Michelle Obama, the bargain shopper. [People]

Is Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” a Madonna rip off!? [Rolling Stone]

Would you spend $2 million to launch a failed music career? Heidi Montag did… but did that include plastic surgery costs? [Pop Eater]

What’s more important- Lindsay Lohan being accused of theft or what dress she wore to court? News reports choose the latter… [MSNBC]

Star Jones hires security in fear of Atlanta Housewife. [Us]

Jennifer Lopez keeps trying to get us to remember that she’s still relevant (and young?) by endorsing every product under the sun. [Perez]

Christina Aguilera may not know the words to the Nathion Anthem but it turns out most of us don’t. [Pop Eater]

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz call it quits. [Pop Crush]

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