You May Have Had Your Doubts… But Britney’s Back, Y’all

We brought you the newest single from Britney Spears on our Facebook page a few weeks ago, but the official release of the “Hold It Against Me” video tops anything we thought to expect from Miss Spears… proving to us, and the world, that the pop sensation is definitely back!

According to Brian Friedman, the video’s choreographer, Spears is “definitely setting the bar” with ‘Hold It Against Me.’ “She’s showing that you have to push it as an artist: that you can’t just settle, that you can’t be calm with your choreography, that you have to make a statement,” he told MTV. “There’s so many people out there competing in this world to be the queen of pop, and she’s definitely claiming her throne.”

Check out the Jonas Akerland (of Lady Gaga “Telephone” fame) directed epic below and if you don’t like it, you better watch out!! Britney’s highly anticipated album, Femme Fatale, will be out on March 29th… and we can barely keep it together! You go, girl!

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