5 Items You Can Borrow From Your Man’s Closet

With so many fashion-forward men running around these days, getting inspiration from your beau’s closet has gotten that much easier — that is if you’re lucky enough to be dating one that is style savvy. Whether or not your man spends his spare time dog-earring pages of GQ and Details magazines or surfing through his favorite men’s fashion blog for inspiration, he’s bound to have a few basic pieces that you’ll be able to borrow and use for your own instant wardrobe inspiration.

Here are 5 items to you can borrow from your guy’s closet with ease:

Button-down shirt: Men’s button-down shirts are great items for women to wear.  Not only can we wear it as a shirt for that boyfriend-inspired trend, but also if long enough it can double as a shirtdress with a few added accessories.  Since men’s shirts lack princess seams that often give us the feminine lines and shapes we love, be sure to tone the volume down of the oversize silhouette with a fitted bottom.  Or, opt for a belt to create a waist and a more feminine look.

Men’s tote bag: If you’re lucky enough to be dating a stylish dude who understands the importance of great accessories and isn’t afraid to carry a men’s bag, he’s bound to have a sturdy tote that you can carry all your essentials in while looking super cool. Men’s bags make for a great basic everyday tote.  I should know, I carry one!

Cardigans: A cardigan is a wardrobe must-have. It’s a piece that’s often needed all year round. Since cardigans make for great-layered looks, don’t be afraid of borrowing that super cool cardigan your guy has slung over the chair.  The oversize fit that wearing a men’s cardigan tends to have, works well with skinny jeans and leggings for super casual days. It can also work well with uber-feminine dresses for a bit of a contrast to create some personality in your look.

Watch: If you’re blessed to be dating a guy with a not so large wrist, don’t be afraid to borrow his watch.  Since we’ve been obsessed with big face watches for the past couple of seasons, why not add to your watch collection with his.  A men’s watch is a clever way to add a chic masculine touch to your look.

T-shirt: Who hasn’t worn men’s t-shirts?  There’s just something super comfortable and sexy about a woman who wears her man’s t-shirt, whether to bed or for lounging. However, instead of using his old college t-shirt as a nightie, why not incorporate one of his good t-shirts into a simple look? When he’s not looking, head to his drawer and borrow one of his white or gray Hanes t-shirts and wear it under your blazer or leather jacket.  Don’t be afraid to grab one of his sports team t-shirts as well. His basics can be your basics. Your closet can always use a simple t-shirt for layering.

Now head over to your guy’s apartment and start raiding his closet!  You’re bound to find a few of these basics that will give your everyday look that extra bit of coolness you might be looking for and it’s a perfect way to include the menswear-inspired trend without actually spending money on the trend.

Misha is a fashion devotee who spends her days trekking into Manhattan putting in long hours in the showroom of a major fashion label.  She’s a lover of great personal style.  She has spent many of her days studying the business of the fashion world. She also passionately spends her nights moonlighting as a fashion/lifestyle blogger on http://www.thefabchick.com/ which gives her an outlet to express her subjective views on fashion, style, and all things considered fabulous in her world.

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