Blogger Spotlight: Ordinarily Urbane’s Rachel LaRoche

Hpnotiq recently sat down with fashion blogger Rachel LaRoche, creator of the blog Ordinarily Urbane, while visiting Los Angles for the Snowball gala. The fashion marketer and freelance stylist chatted us up about he vintage obsession and her Christmas plans in the Big Apple.


How would you describe your personal style?

I would say my style is girly, modern and vintage. I feel really inspired by vintage photos and vintage patterns with more of a classic body and modern take.


How do you choose to Live louder?

Well for me, again, it’s all about that vintage inspiration. I love finding one of a kind pieces; the brighter the color, the crazier the pattern, the bigger the fit, the better!


What do you plan on wearing to the Snowball gala?

I’m wearing a fantastic BCBG 2012 Resort Runway dress. It’s lime green with a royal blue lace overlay.


What are your most favorite or least favorite holiday fashion trends?

I love the tacky sweater parties! I don’t care what anybody says, I think they’re fantastic; when paired with a really crazy skirt or a pair of bright gold tights, I’m all about it. I really don’t have a least favorite, I love fashion. I think it’s so fun and I think it’s all about originality, so the crazier it gets — velvet, wacky prints or sparkles — the better.


What’s on the top of your holiday wish list?

This year I’m going to New York for Christmas, so I actually don’t want presents. I’ve been really excited to have a new, fun experience with my family.

Check out Rachel’s blog Ordinarily Urbane and follow her on Twitter @rachlaroche.

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