Blogger Spotlight: The Style Map’s Emily & Teresa


Teresa (pictured left) and Emily of


We recently caught up with LA fashion bloggers Emily and Terea, creators of the blog, at Be Your Best You’s styling suite to talk fashion, trends and the holidays.


What’s your style inspiration?

Emily: My style inspiration is definitely Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I know that’s cliche, and everyone lists them as a style icon, but they’re definitely my biggest inspiration when I’m getting dressed.

Teresa: I would say my biggest inspiration is street style, and other bloggers’ style. If I see something cute, I’ll try and emulate it and see what I have in my own wardrobe that I could put together that looks cool like it too.


What/who are you wearing for the big ball tonight?

Emily: We’re actually both wearing BCBG, we teamed up with them and got to borrow some really fabulous gowns. Mine is a super bright orange halter, with a low cut back. It’s a very sexy long dress.

Teresa: Mine is also BCBG Max Azria. It’s royal purple and floor length and has a bit of a train and some bling on the front, as well as a slit — which is totally trending right now — so I’m really excited about wearing.


How do you live louder?

Emily: I think just by connecting with other people and going to as many events that we can to meet people. We’re totally social and love being out, meeting new bloggers and getting inspiration.

Teresa: I think our daily inspiration is meeting people in fashion who love fashion just as much as we do; we kind of feed off that. It’s this community of bloggers and people in the fashion industry that all kind of connect on a cool level.


What’s your favorite or least favorite holiday fashion trend?

Emily: I think wearing red and green together would be my least favorite fashion trend.

Teresa: I would say my favorite fashion trend is the whole ugly holiday sweater thing. It started off as a joke, but now there are ugly sweater parties. It’s kind of fun to pull it out for a night and just rock it.

Emily: And you can actually get really ugly, but vintage sweaters. It’s fun!


What’s on the top of your holiday wish list?

Emily: For me, my wish-list is just going places. I don’t really want things, I just want to go skiing and see shows and go travel.

Teresa: I would say at the top of my wish list is to have fun with friends and family. We’re always working and out and about, so just looking forward to having good times. Money’s hard for everyone right now, so having fun is more important and spending quality time with people.

Check out Emily & Teresa’s blog at and follow them on Twitter @theSTYLEmap.

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