Blogger Spotlight: Think Thru Fashion’s Sydne Summer

Hpnotiq recently sat down with the ever so talented Sydne Summer, creator of the fashion blog Think Thru Fashion, at the Be Your Best You styling suite in Los Angeles. The quadruple-threat — fashion expert, host, stylist and blogger — chatted us up about her feminine style, holiday trends and why she’s in desperate need of a spa day.

How would you describe your style?

Everything’s really feminine and fitted. I look to the trends to get a little inspiration, but I like curves and I keep it very feminine.


How do you live louder through fashion?

To live louder, I think you should dress up everyday. If you want to throw on sweats sometimes, then maybe throw on a glitter sweatshirt. You can be comfortable and still look really fashionable. Appearance is everything so you should put thought into what you’re wearing. If it makes a “louder” appearance, then that’s a good thing, because then you’re memorable.


What are you wearing to the Snowball gala?

I’m wearing a BCBG dress that I borrowed from them. It’s orange, so I guess it’s loud.


What are some of your favorite or least favorite holiday fashion trends?

My favorite holiday fashion trends is metallic, it’s the perfect holiday to shine and sparkle at a party. I also love the faux fur because it gives you fuzzy and it adds that glam factor. My least favorite is real fur, because I’m an animal lover, so if you can go faux, it’s better.


What is at the top of your holiday wish-list?

Gosh, there’s so many things. I think just a spa day!  I’m so exhausted. It’s been a crazy year — a good one — but busy.

Check out Sydne’s blog at and follow her on Twitter @sydnesummer.

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