Ladies We Love: Mindy Kaling Proving Girls Run The World

By now, many of us have probably gotten around to putting our names on the pre-order list for Mindy Kaling’s book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), due out in November. For those who haven’t, well, get to it!

Kaling, who most know as the comically needy Kelly Kapoor on NBC’s The Office, seems to have a good grasp on the world — taking it by the funny bone and proving that, as Beyoncé would say, girls run it.

As an actress, Kaling knows a thing or two about delivery but more importantly, she’s also often the one behind the scenes poking fun at herself and how we all (us girls, that is) think.

Nothing is more telling of her willingness to fully embrace our sometimes cray-cray inner-workings than when she puts her pen to paper and luckily for all of us, an excerpt from the highly anticipated book is now available online

From what we’ve seen, the book reads like an adult version of Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret but as if Margaret grew up to have all the right answers after all those prepubescent hardships and, dare we say it, with Mindy as our higher power.

Unlike glamorizing and scandalizing adulthood like a certain book aimed at Kaling’s generation (eh-hem, Sweet Valley Confidential), Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me acts as a guide to not being ashamed of Facebook stalking the cute guy who makes our coffee at Starbucks and also teaches the guys a thing or two about how to get our attention — the right way.

So we’ll go ahead and say it, if everyone was a little more honest about their crazy like Mindy, the world might be a better place. Actually, we totally take that back… maybe a little mystery does us all well.


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