Ladies We Love: Rosalynn of Chic Boutique Tour

Meet Rosalynn, creator of Chic Boutique Tour, a charity based tour of local boutiques and salons around Atlanta.

What are some of your favorite looks this season?

The high waist wide-leg pants and the 70′s look is awesome!

What are this seasons must haves?

The right accessories; hat, scarf, etc. Having the right lip color for the fall and winter is also important.

What is the perfect Girls Night Out outfit?

First and foremost, anything that is comfortable! It has to accentuate your best assets. And of course, your most killer pair of shoes!

What are great ways to incorporate aqua and violet into your wardrobe?

With a black cocktail dress, wear a violet eye shadow to match a great violet clutch, and aqua nail polish is big this year as well.

How would you describe the overall style of Atlanta?

The new New York. There are so many people that move here from bigger cities around the country and they bring what they love to the city and it forms a mix of styles, just like New York City.

What are some of your favorite accessories?

I like having a large necklace or a pair of big earrings; accessorizing is the key to success. A cute clutch always makes any outfit. I also think every single person should have a fab pair of sunglasses; they turn your whole look around!

Who are your favorite designers right now?

Oscar De La Renta, his colors are classic. For a more preppy look, I love Tommy Hilfiger.

Every girl loves a killer pair of heels, what are your favorite pair of heels and why?

Jessica Simpson’s Nude Suede Mary Jane platforms with a pewter accent. They are ridiculously comfortable!

What trend needs to be over?

Definitely leggings! Unless you are lounging around the house, you should not wear them out to the club or the store.

Who is the one upcoming designer we should know about?

Michael Knight, from Project Runway, who just had his first show in New York Fashion Week.

To learn more about Rosalynn and the Chic Boutique Tour, visit her Facebook page or the Chic Boutique Tour website.

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