Q&A With Anna Jackson of Chicago’s Studio 110 Salon

Meet Anna Jackson, owner if Studio 110 Salon in Chicago.

What are some of your favorite looks this season? This season’s must haves?

Hair accessories are great for summer; headbands, ribbon and feathers. I’ve also seen a  lot of celebs wearing vintage and antique jewelry in their hair. For example, strands of pearls and broaches twisted and pinned into up-dos. Since its wedding season, lots of brides have been wearing their hair down this year with a loose wave.


What is the perfect Girls Night Out outfit?

For me it really depends on where I’m headed, but if I’m going dancing, I usually wear an all black outfit, but I’ll throw on a lot of jewelry and some really great heels. I love clutches, too. I get mine at the thrift store, so if someone spills something on it, it’s no big deal.


What are great ways to incorporate aqua and violet in to your wardrobe?

Feather extensions! They come in all different colors. Also, using an aqua or violet liquid eyeliner can give your look a nice pop without being too dramatic.


How would you describe the overall style of Chicago?

I think this city boarders on conservative. I take my fashion inspiration from Style.com, blogs and my friends. Chicago isn’t a huge bore, it’s a nice mix between LA and NYC. It’s not as relaxed as LA, but you also don’t see everyone tramping around in heels like NYC.


What are some of your favorite accessories?

I love ALL accessories! rings are the only thing I can’t wear since I work with my hands so much, but I love them on others. I love lots of necklaces and big loud earings.


Who are your favorite designers right now?

Opening Ceremony has some great stuff coming out on their label that is cool. I love Vince, Marc Jacobs, Joie, and Alexander Wang for everyday casual. When it comes to eccentric artistic fashion I love Mason Martin Margiela, Rodarte, Proenza Schouler and Alexander McQueen.


Every girl loves a killer pair of heels. What are your favorite pair of shoes and why?

I love shoes, so there is no way that I have a favorite. I like different shoes for different reasons. Some casual brands I love are Toms and Converse. Lanvin makes an amazing pair of comfy flats. For heels, anything goes, but I always gravitate toward Jeffrey Campbells stuff. I own a lot of his shoes and I wear the hell out of all of them! And I can’t get enough of Frye boots.

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