Ladies We Love: Downtown’s Sweetheart, Va$htie

Often times, the girl on the arm of some famous actor or musician is just that… a pretty girl. Well, that’s not all in the case of Vashtie Kola!

Maybe most publicly known for her 5 year long relationship with hip hop leading man Pharrell Williams, Va$htie (this is pre-Ke$ha dollar sign usage, folks) is a mogul in her own right– as a leading female designer, producer, and director in an industry run by men.

Beyond directing music videos and working on various projects with some of the music industry’s hottest stars, including Kanye West, Solange, Justin Bieber and KiD CuDi, Va$htie has made a name for herself as a prominent designer with her clothing line, Violette– which calls you to imagine if “Louis Vuitton had a daughter who lived on the Lower East Side,” and recently became the first woman to ever collaborate with Nike on a pair Air Jordans, securing her as an all around it girl.

But you won’t find Kola rubbing elbows with the socialites of New York’s Upper East Side, rather she’ll be keepin’ it real as self-proclaimed “Downtown’s Sweetheart”– and if you want to keep your ear to the grindstone of the hipset, we suggest you follow this lovely lady on Twitter.

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